Quality comic books for the discerning collector
Quality comic books for the discerning collector
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Spider-man Ben Reilly Omnibus: Volume 2 (main cover)
Grumpy Wolf Comics

Spider-man Ben Reilly Omnibus: Volume 2 (main cover)

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(W) Dan Jurgens, Various (A) Dan Jurgens, Various (CA) Luke Ross
This is the main cover edition with cover art by Luke Ross
The story of Ben Reilly, who replaced Peter Parker as Spider-Man in the 90s, reaches its unbelievable climax!
As Ben Reilly settles into his new role as Spider-Man, Peter Parker adapts to a life without powers. Ben takes on a rogues’ gallery of classic foes as Peter and MJ prepare for parenthood — but when a strange illness sends Peter to the hospital, is it clone degeneration…or something else? Revelations await as the Clone Saga reaches its cataclysmic conclusion! As Ben and Peter unravel the twisted conspiracy that has manipulated them for years, the identity of the shadowy madman pulling their strings will shock both Spider-Men to the core!

COLLECTING: Sensational Spider-Man (1996) 4-11, Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 411-418, Spider-Man (1990) 68-75, Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) 234-241, Spider-Man Unlimited (1993) 12-14, Spider-Man: Redemption (1996) 1-4, Daredevil (1964) 354, Spider-Man Team-Up (1995) 4-5, Spider-Man: Revelations (1997), Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal (1997) 1, Spider-Man: 101 Ways to End the Clone Saga (1997) 1, Spider-Man: Dead Man’s Hand (1997) 1

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