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Quality comic books for the discerning collector
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Wolverine hardcover Omnibus Volume 4 (DM Andy Kubert cover)
Grumpy Wolf Comics

Wolverine Omnibus: Volume 4 (DM cover)

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(W) Larry Hama, various (A) Dave Hoover, various (CA) Andy Kubert
This is the DM cover edition
More classic tales of Wolverine, taken from the iconic era of 90s X-Men!
Wolverine reunites with his old Weapon X Program teammates — including the savage Sabretooth! But an investigation into their manipulated memories will have unexpected, and tragic, results. When a hallucinating Logan revives a Soviet mission from decades ago, can the X-Men bring him back to his senses? Wolverine takes on Sauron and the Sentinels, and crosses paths with Typhoid Mary, Venom, the Punisher and more — while the shocking connection between Sabretooth and Mystique is revealed! But when the X-Men battle Magneto in their ultimate showdown, the Master of Magnetism crosses a horrifying line…and Wolverine may never be the same again!

COLLECTING: Wolverine (1988) 60-75, Wolverine: Inner Fury (1992) 1, Wolverine: Killing (1993) 1, Wolverine: Global Jeopardy (1993) 1, Wolverine and the Punisher: Damaging Evidence (1993) 1-3, Sabretooth (1993) 1-4, Spider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth: Designer Genes (1993) 1, X-Men (1991) 25, material from Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 109-142, Marvel Holiday Special (1991) 2


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