Quality comic books for the discerning collector
Quality comic books for the discerning collector
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1. Introduction to our Collecting Advice blog

We started putting together a page of recommended resources for comic collectors - particularly for people who are new to the hobby, or coming back to it after some time - but it quickly grew beyond our control so we thought we'd put it together as an ongoing blog instead of trying to fit it all into a single page!

Over the past decade there's been a huge boom in sources of information about the collectibles market - which was also accelerated by the Covid lockdown, as well as the growth in YouTube vloggers. As a result, there are a lot of people out with a lot of opinions - not all of which are necessarily well researched, correct, or entirely without agenda. Some industry commentators are fuelled by passion, some by a transparent commercial agenda, and some... well, perhaps the motivations of some are a little less transparent.

We would recommend that you don't rely on any one source of information - instead, make sure you're pulling information from multiple sources, and getting corroborating viewpoints. That's maybe a little easier said than done, as there is quite a lot of recycling of speculative information in the community, but after a while you develop a sense of who is recycling other people's speculative ideas, and who generating their own.

Hopefully this blog will prove useful - if there is any aspect of comic collecting or speculating that you'd like to know more about, let us know, and we'll address it in a future blog post. This is a bit of an ongoing project, so we may well come back and rewriting old posts every so often to keep them relevant.

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