Quality comic books for the discerning collector
Quality comic books for the discerning collector
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New books for September now in stock

September's books have arrived, and there's lots to be exited about:

In our opinion, the biggest book for collectors in this month's batch is the Darth Bane cover for Star Wars: Darth Vader #27 - the first appearance of Darth Bane in a Marvel comic book, on this variant cover - and in what appears to be a new design for the character, which could indicate that they have plans to use him in an upcoming story.

Star Wars fans will know that Darth Bane is a key figure in Sith lore - being the originator of the Rule of Two - so this should be a book of increasing interest to collectors.


For DC fans, there's a lush Middleton variant featuring Zatanna for Batman vs. Robin #1, which is on card stock, so at a slightly higher price, but the copies are in great condition as a result.


We were mostly trying to stay away from the latest Edge of Spider-verse series - just felt a little too much like a joyless cash-grab, if we're going to be totally honest - although we did order a few copies of #3 because we liked the cover. But then we saw the Chen variant to #4, which features the new Spinstress character.

Of all the new characters that they've introduced in this series (so far), we think this one has the most potential - having read the story, she feels like a Spider-variant that a new audience of kids might get behind, and be interested in seeing her future adventures. Lovely artwork for this first cover appearance of the character as well!

Edge of Spider-verse issues 3 and 4 featuring the new Spinstress character 

Briar is Boom's big new book this month, a dark take on the Sleeping Beauty story. It's an interesting read, and certainly well-written; but so far it hasn't really grabbed us, hopefully it will find its legs in the next couple of issues. For this title, we're offering the Stephanie Hans FOC variant cover, which was the one that really grabbed our attention, and we're sure you will agree it's quite striking.

Remember that we carry a curated selection of new comic books, so we don't have all covers of all books, just the ones we think will be of most interest to collectors.

The new books have all been listed in the Recent Issues section - select, purchase, read, enjoy!

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