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Quality comic books for the discerning collector
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October books

We're running a bit late listing October's books, so apologies for that, but here they are:

It shouldn't come as any surprise that the biggest book for us this month is Star Wars: The High Republic (vol 2) #1. Lots of first appearances, and plenty of comic action. Probably a very high print count - it's not like anybody was sleeping on this - but if Disney keep building on the High Republic era and these characters, then that won't stop these books being in demand in the future...

All three covers have something going for them: Cover A is perhaps visually our favourite, seems like a first appearance of the guy in the back, Cover B seems to have a different guy in the back, and it's worth keeping an eye on Cover C as the covers with loads of apparently random characters on them often turn out to have first appearances in retrospect.


For Indie books this month, we've got the very cool Kaya #1 from writer and artist Wes Craig. It's a great read; maybe a little hard to see as a live-action adaptation, but we could definitely see it making a great animation, which is likely to be the route that more properties take in the future given the upcoming crunch on production budgets.


What's the cover pick, you ask? Well, how about Arthur Adams showing us Spider-gwen on a Spider-man #1? Okay then...



Although if Adams isn't your cup of tea, we'd also send you to look at the Skottie Young cover, which is pretty awesome itself:



We were all kinds of excited for the Netease variant to Midnight Suns #2, featuring Blade - we always like cool Blade covers - but unfortunately all of the copies we got were a little damaged. They're up for sale at a discounted price, and present well, it's just that there's a fair amount of colour rub to the rears.



That's it for the moment, watch this space for incoming shipments!

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